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Reimagine Comfort with a Bathroom Renovation

At Fiderio & Sons, we believe that a bathroom should provide more than just beauty and function; it should be your relaxation retreat. Our experienced team will create a room for you to indulge yourself (if only for a moment!). For over 39 years, our five-star customer service and proven design/build process have helped transform bathroom remodeling for homeowners throughout Connecticut.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

On the fence about a remodel? It’s not just about the looks — though there’s certainly that. Here are five of the top reasons to remodel:

  • Meet unmet needs. Want a bigger sink? A jacuzzi instead of a shower stall? Want to separate sinks, tubs, and toilets into their own spaces?
  • Eliminate annoyances. A remodel lets you finally be rid of the things that bother you; the toilet a bit too close to the sink or wall, the spot on the wall that gets damp and keeps trying to rot.
  • Personal aesthetic. Of course, making your bathroom beautiful is a part of any remodel.
  • Energy efficiency. There’s never been a better time to seek efficiency in your bathroom. Your fixtures, toilet, lighting, and windows can all be more efficient.
  • Improve home value. A newly remodeled bathroom is a significant value add for any home — and the older the bathroom, the greater the value gain.

Interested in finding out more about the benefits of remodeling your bathroom? Contact us today at (203) 237-0350 or online.

Current Trends for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom with mosaic tile floor, frameless shower, and soaking tub.

Not sure how you want your bathroom to look, or what features are exciting or interesting? We’ve put together a few of the top trends we’ve seen from forward-thinking bathroom remodelers lately.


  • Larger tiles. Tiny mosaic tiles are out, and larger textures tiles are in.
  • Floating vanities. There’s something uniquely pleasing about the trend of floating vanities — just ensure you don’t let that extra space become an unaesthetic clutter of odds and ends.
  • Soaking tubs. A nice long soak doesn’t require much space with the new trend of compact flat-bottom soaking tubs.
  • Backlighting. A little mood lighting can make a big impact on the way your bathroom looks.
  • Quartz. Quartz is a popular option for kitchen and bathroom counters alike right now, offering a sleek modern aesthetic combined with easy upkeep.
  • Advanced toilets. Self-cleaning, self-flushing, with a seat warmer and bidet? It’s time to update the toilet.

Your home deserves a spa-inspired bathroom retreat. Contact us at (203) 237-0350 today to learn more about bathroom remodeling in Meriden and Southington or surrounding areas. 

The Design-Build Difference

From concept to completion, you can trust in enhanced communication at all stages of your renovation by choosing Fiderio & Sons for your bathroom remodeling project. Our integrated approach to construction and remodeling ensures continuity between all phases of the design and build process — meaning fewer vendors (and headaches) for you to coordinate. By determining the design, budget, and timeline simultaneously, Fiderio & Sons keeps your costs to a minimum, reduces your construction time, and gives you peace of mind that your bathroom remodel is handled to your exact specifications.

Because Fiderio & Sons offers in-house design, engineering, and construction, you’ll know your exact costs at the beginning of the project rather than relying on free in-home consultation from multiple external vendors. Plus, our comprehensive design process helps prevent the pricey change orders that happen more than 30% of the time with a general contractor. We work tirelessly to give you peace of mind while creating a relaxing haven in your newly renovated bath.

Why Choose Fiderio & Sons?

Group photo of Fiderio employees.

It’s important that you put your bathroom remodel in the right hands — after all, poor design and installation doesn’t just result in a disappointing final result; it can cost more and ultimately add less value to your home by the end. To ensure we always leave our customers satisfied, we work hard to maintain clear lines of communication and transparency from start to finish, putting together realistic, actionable design and build schedules.

When the work is complete, we’ll back it with a year of extra care, check-ins, and a post-build meeting to discuss how everything has gone, answer questions, and address concerns thoroughly.

Find out more today. Contact Fiderio & Sons at (203) 237-0350 or reach out to us online to hear from our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my home while you do the remodeling?

The answer is yes, most often you can use your home while we remodel. In the event, your project is an extensive whole-house renovation, we will evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis and clearly communicate to you how the renovation may impact your day to day lifestyle. We will do our best, to set you up for success, setting clear expectations, so you know what to expect while we are working in your home and so it is as safe and trouble-free as possible. Fiderio & Sons also uses the BuildClean system to keep your home safe and pollutant-free during the build process, above and beyond industry standards for dust control. Our Production Manager will gladly communicate to you if any part of your home will be unsafe or off-limits during the construction process.

How long will remodeling take? How much will it cost?

These two questions actually share an answer: It depends on the project. Remodels can be brief, inexpensive, or enormous projects with premium products, materials, and labor requirements. This means the schedule and expense will be significantly different across homes.

Can you do X?

Probably! Our team is committed to making sure your bathroom is as close to your goals as possible. If you want something special, we’ll discuss it with you to work out a plan of action to get you what you want.

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