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Skylight Installation in Connecticut

Looking to add more natural light to your Meriden home without blowing out exterior walls or adding windows? Look to the sky! The home service experts and roofers at Fiderio & Sons can offer an ideal solution that brings in more natural light without sacrificing space or altering your home’s overall design with our professional skylight installation service.

Skylight installation is the ideal companion to a new or replacement roof, adding gorgeous natural light to illuminate your home and offer up all of the advantages that it brings. For over 39 years, our home service team and roofing contractors have been leading the industry in roof replacement and home exterior services. With our experience and superior products, we can design and build skylights to suit any home design.

New VELUX Energy Performance Models bundle your skylight with solar blinds for immediate savings. Enjoy a 30 percent federal tax credit, $730 of average savings on product and installation for new skylights! 

Sun Tunnel & Skylight Installation near Meriden

Quality skylights are built to withstand the elements, but only when installed properly. Our experts have years of experience installing skylights, sun tunnels, Skytubes™, and roof windows on homes throughout New Haven County. The professional skylight installation contractors at Fiderio & Sons can help you find the right skylight solution for getting the sunlight from your roof to your home’s interior for your family to enjoy.

With so many skylight options, we can add year-round light to virtually any room of your home. If you’re looking for even more natural light with indoor/outdoor living space, consider expanding your home with a sunroom addition, complete with three walls of windows, patio doors, and skylights. When you’re looking to make your home brighter, more beautiful, and more functional, the options are nearly endless when you work with Fiderio & Sons!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our many skylight options, sun tunnel and other home improvement options for your Connecticut home!

Velux Skylights & Skytube™ Options

A roof-mounted skylight is the perfect way to light up the interior of your home during the day, and also allows you to enjoy the beauty of the stars at night. Fiderio & Sons installs several models of Velux skylights, including curb-mount and flush-mount styles, depending on what is right for your home. Optional features include remote open/close controls, and energy-efficient glass.

If your home does not have space for a traditional skylight due to your roof style or flat ceiling, Fiderio & Sons can install an innovative Velux Skytube™. A Skytube™ captures sunlight with a smaller dome, then transmits it deep into your home through a patented tube. This alternative to a traditional skylight is perfect for bringing natural light to hard-to-reach places like hallways, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Our certified skylight installers can ensure that your new Skytube™ will last for many years to come.

Benefits of Installing Skylights in New Haven County, CT

With the variety of design options and styles that are available to homeowners these days, what makes a skylight stand out? Quite a bit, in fact. Installing a skylight or series of skylights in your Connecticut home can provide:

  • An abundance of natural light. Due to the flexibility and positioning of a skylight, just one can outperform a window by miles. That means more gorgeous, glowing sunlight in your home.
  • Improved home comfort. Direct sunlight naturally warms rooms, which can be a substantial boon during our colder New England winter months.
  • Reduction in energy waste. More clean sunlight means fewer fluorescent and incandescent bulbs going during the day, meaning less energy used, wasted, and paid for!
  • Potential health benefits. Natural light has been shown to boost mood, reduce fatigue, and to help with the symptoms of depression. You can’t be outside all of the time, but a skylight can easily and attractively bring the outdoors to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skylight Installation

  • Can I install skylights without replacing my roof? Absolutely. It’s a good question, since installing a skylight in your Meriden home does include cutting the roof. However, in the hands of a professional, an installation can be done easily. It is worth mentioning, though, that installing a skylight as a part of a new roof replacement is simpler and can be more cost-efficient.
  • Will skylights make my roof weaker? They will not. Modern skylight flashing materials and seals have come a very long way, and nowadays, skylights are extremely structurally sound and well-sealed against air leaks.
  • Can I keep my skylights when I replace my roof? We don’t recommend it. Pulling out a skylight and attempting to reinstall it in a new roof can, and almost certainly will, weaken the flashing, and the seal will be nearly impossible to reapply correctly. If you replace the roof, replace the skylights, too!

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