Siding Replacement Services in Meriden, CT

Is your siding damaged, loose, or peeling off? Are you planning to update your home’s exterior or looking to reduce maintenance costs? You might want to consider investing in new siding as it will give your home a great, modern look, improve energy efficiency, and save you money on maintenance!

Whether you’re looking to install cedar shake, vinyl, or simulated stone siding, Fiderio & Sons has you covered. At Fiderio & Sons, we offer siding installation and replacement services throughout the Meriden, CT, area, including Middletown, Cheshire, Southington, and Wallingford. With over 39 years of experience in construction and remodeling, homeowners can count on us for cost-effective, fast, and high-quality installation.

Siding Installation and Replacement in New Haven

Your home’s siding does more than contribute to its aesthetics. The siding is designed to offer protection to the walls and sheathing from being damaged by moisture and helps limit airflow and transfer of heat between the exterior and interior.

Below are important signs that your siding needs replacement:

  • Missing or loose pieces
  • Damaged or deteriorating condition of the siding
  • Little insulation or air sealing
  • Displeasing or outdated appearance
  • Prone to wind damage

Investing in new siding, especially insulated vinyl, will help improve your home’s efficiency and curb appeal while reducing its overall maintenance.

Increase your home’s value, improve its durability, and gain better energy efficiency with sliding services with Fiderio & Sons. Reach out to us at (203) 237-0350 or schedule an appointment online.

Types of Siding

Fiderio & Sons will help do away with painting and scraping of wood siding, replacing cedar shakes, or the limited performance and outdated look of aluminum siding. Fiderio & Sons also offers installation services for different types of siding, including:

  • Vinyl: It is easy to clean and long-lasting. Additionally, it offers great value and can create a traditional look without having to maintain the wood.
  • Insulated vinyl: It is a perfect replacement for old homes. It is capable of increasing your HVAC system performance, reducing power bills, and improving your comfort levels at home.
  • Shakes and shingles: You can always consider shake or shingle siding that is made from either composite or natural materials for the traditional layered appearance.
  • Stone veneer: If you love stone exteriors but cannot afford the installation cost or the extra support required, you can consider going for the stone veneer siding. In fact, it is an excellent choice if you want to create a natural-looking and unique appearance.

At Fiderio & Sons, we offer affordable and attractive siding options from the top manufacturers. Contact us online to schedule a consultation or call us at (203) 237-0350 today. 

How Siding Color Choices Can Amplify Your Hartford Home

Using color as a design tool is important when it comes to curb appeal. When you use siding on your home’s exterior, it will add color and texture, enhancing your home’s overall aesthetic. Using affordable and attractive siding options from top manufacturers like CertainTeed will help elevate the aesthetics of your home from ordinary to extraordinary and increase your home’s value.

Why Choose Fiderio & Sons?

At Fiderio & Sons, we employ professional and experienced staff who have years of experience handling different siding. We’ve been providing siding services since 1984 and always seek to deliver exceptional customer service. We offer competitive and honest pricing as well as siding options from top manufacturers. There’s no better option than Fiderio & Sons.

For affordable, reliable, and fast sliding services you can trust, choose Fiderio & Sons. Call to schedule an appointment at (203) 237-0350 or get in touch online!


What are the important signs that siding should be replaced?

Replacement is necessary when several panels are damaged or when you have mildew, mold, rot, warping, or gaps.

Can wood siding be maintained?

Wood siding is well known for being a natural and beautiful insulator. Like other sidings, it will also require regular maintenance and treatment to retain its appearance and effectiveness.

Is insulated vinyl friendly to the environment?

Insulated vinyl delivers superior R-value insulation to your house and can be recycled. This is what makes it a great choice when it comes to creating a great appearance.

If you are looking for siding experts in Meriden, CT, contact Fiderio & Sons today at (203) 237-0350 for questions regarding siding installation and replacement.

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