4 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Home Remodeling Project

By fiderioandsons Feb 19, 2016

Remodeling your home can be an exciting experience as you watch your home transform. However, there are still a lot of factors involved to ensure you get the best remodel. This article will explain some components to avoid during your home remodeling project.

Avoid Procrastination

Prolonging the project can end up costing you more money. You put the project off more and more until you didn’t realize how much time has actually passed by. Now you are rushing to get the projects done spending more for materials rather than taking the time to research and find the best quality for the best price. You have to rush and spend more for last minute hiring for the projects that need professional work. You don’t have to stress out by rushing the project and getting everything done too quickly but avoid pushing off the remodeling project until the last minute.

Avoid Indecisiveness

Come up with a plan, budget and do your best to stick with it. Changing your mind too often will make the project more difficult for the contractor and your home may have too many different components. If you are confused and don’t know what you want but still go on with the project while constantly changing your mind, the project will reflect the look of confusion. It’s okay to change your mind every now and then but too often will make the project very difficult and result in a remodel you may not even like.

Avoid Distraction

Avoid distracting the professional contractor you hired with constant interruptions. It is exciting to watch your home transform but sometimes it can be very distracting when you bring your family over and have kids running around. Also, it can be distracting and potentially hazardous with tools, nails and wet paint around the house. This can also potentially cost you more money if the contractor is constantly distracted, prolonging the project.

Avoid Skipping the Basics

The basics are important but often skipped over because people get overwhelmed with their first remodeling project. Always start with the basics such as creating a budget, choosing the color scheme and materials needed for completion. The project can be chaotic if you don’t have a plan in place. If you have to walk before you can run and the same can be said for your remodeling project. Create a plan and do some research to have the best experience for your new elegant home.

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For more than 35 years we’ve been the leader in home remodeling in Connecticut. We have the trained and experienced professionals to tackle all aspects of a home remodeling project. From roof to basement, interior and exterior, and from the design to final finishing, you can count on Fiderio & Sons to manage your renovation project skillfully and efficiently. Because we oversee all phases of the project we have better control of scheduling and coordination of trades such as plumbing, electrical, flooring and drywall. This results in a faster completion time and, just as important, better control of costs.

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