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5 Tips to Help With a New Roof Addition

By bluecorona Mar 13, 2015

No homeowner wants their addition to look like an afterthought; rather, CT homeowners should aim to make any addition blend seamlessly with the original part of the home. For a CT roof addition, focus on the roofline: even if the design blends and the materials are the same, unless the roof is right, the addition will stick out like a sore thumb.

Roof Extension

It’s relatively easy to extend the existing roofline over the new space, if you are attempting to add to the gable end of your house. Frankly, it’s an easy, low-cost solution that can blend well with the main house; however, it is also quite strange because most additions are in the front or back of the house instead of on the side.

Consider the Type of Labor

If it is required that you remove your old roof before installing a new roof, that comes with additional costs. The decision to tear off old roofing materials can be due to city limits on how many layers can exist on a roof, or be the contractor’s general opinion. While going the other route and deciding to overlay roofing materials may eliminate the additional labor costs that it takes to tear off materials, overlaying can cut a roof’s life by 20%. Therefore, the roof may cost you less money now, but it will need to be replaced earlier than necessary.

Create Better Ventilation With Roof Ridge Vents

Roof ridge vents help to effectively prolong and protect a homeowner’s roof and overall structural integrity of their home from common culprits such as moisture and excessive heat.  Ridge vents have become increasingly popular in recent years, for good reason.  Roof ridge vents are an effective technology that many homeowners are unaware of or relatively uninformed about. Ridge vents on your roof can provide ventilation to the attic by helping air flow between the shingles, which will cool down the attic temperature and create a cooler house overall. Soffit vents can release hot air and bring in cool air under the eaves, while gable vents can improve airflow at the roof peak.

Plan Ahead & Consider Permits

CT homeowners should keep in mind that home additions take ample time, and many towns require a building permit before beginning work. CT roofing contractors typically handle the permit process; however, it can take a few weeks to several months to get all of the necessary documentation in place. Also, before you decide to search for a construction estimate, you should consult a licensed architect or perhaps a structural engineer to help you determine if your house’s structure can handle the weight of an addition. A professional will consider the structural capacity of your connecticut roof, ceiling joints and internal bearing walls.

Roofing Materials

The materials that you choose for the roof for a home addition should match or complement the materials used on the main section of your roof. So, if you have a shingled roof now, it’s best to stick with this material.  It is usually a solid idea to use the same roofing materials on all roof areas of the home for consistency.

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