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7 Tips to Prepare Your CT Home for Colder Weather.

By Blue Corona Dev Sep 9, 2015

Sooner then your think a cool crispness will fill the air, leaves will cover your front lawn, and pumpkin spice lattes will replace iced coffees. So preparing your home for colder weather while it is still warm is important.

Check the Roof

Your roof is a very strong, yet vulnerable, system of your CT home. Your roof should be checked every year for any damaged shingles or flashing. Neglecting to do this can result in leaks, sagging ceilings, and mold. So if you spot any imperfections in your roof and are concerned it will result in a roof leak contact a professional for them to do a more thorough inspection.


Leaks when the weather is cold can be very noticeable and costly, so checking your windows for leaks is critical. With incense you can safely see where leaks are in your home. Caulking windows that have leaks is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep heating costs low. If your windows are old, warped, or leak a lot then consider installing new CT windows. With new windows you can expel all window leaks while increasing your homes efficiency.

Turn Off Irrigation and Faucets

If you have in-ground sprinklers you should clear them out with an air compressor so that water doesn’t freeze and burst the pipes. Also turn off and drain all of your outdoor faucets so that your pipes don’t freeze.

Feed Your Lawn

The easiest way to take care of those never ending leaves on your lawn is to run the lawn mower over them. By breaking down the leaves you cover your lawn in fertilizer that will provide nutrients for your grass in the spring

Prepare Your Machines

If you have a snow blower, generator, or lawnmower then they need to be tested so you can spot any issues before you need them. Letting your generator or snow blower sit all summer are not particularly good for the engine so running it on occasion gives engine parts a chance to move. Also running the gas out of your lawnmower helps preserve the engine while its being stored.


When the temperature suddenly drops you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Make sure you visit a hardware store and pick up salt, a shovel and a roof rake if needed so you don’t have to buy them when they are in demand and expensive. Also make sure your home is stocked with food to last a few days in case the power goes out. Finally getting medicine and tissues for when someone catches a cold is never a bad idea.

Clean Your Gutters

In the middle of a rain or snowstorm is not when you want to find out that your gutters are clogged with leaves. So cleaning all debris out of your gutters is the best way to help prevent ice damns and icicles.

Extend Downspouts

You don’t want water to freeze around the foundation of your home so directing rain and snowmelt away from your home is crucial. By extending the ends of your downspout you can redirect your roofs runoff away from your foundation.

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