Best Roofing Materials for Your CT Home

By fiderioandsons Aug 23, 2013

The roof is your home’s first layer of defense against Mother Nature & her various weather elements. Therefore, it’s important you choose a roofing material that will give you the best level of protection. If you live in New England it is likely that your roof is made out of a type of shingle or slate, but with advancing roofing technologies more and more options are becoming available to the homeowner.

Shingles: As shingles work in all types of climates, it is generally the most popular roofing material on the market. Shingles come in many different materials from asphalt, ceramic, metal and much, much more. You can read all about shingles in one of our previous blog posts here!

Wooden Shakes: Wood shakes are cut by hand from either cedar or pine trees and will give your home a rustic, authentic look. This aesthetic appeal is unmatched by any other material, working best on older ranches and cottages. However, wood requires the most maintenance because they are so prone to mold and rot damage due to their tendency to attract moisture.

  • Cost: $7-14 per square foot
  • Life: 12-20 years in humid climates; up to 30 in dry areas

Slate: One of the most durable materials on the market, slate is dense, sound proof, and highly customizable. While it is difficult and more expensive to install, there is virtually no maintenance needed over its long lifespan. Due to its heavy weight, a slate roof requires extra support in the home’s structure so make sure your home is prepared to handle the weight and if not, that extra support is added.

  • Cost: $15-35 per square foot, depending on quality
  • Life: 50-70 years

Composite: If you desire the look of slate or wood with out the high installation and material price, then composite tiles and shingles are for you. Composite roofs are typically lightweight, fade resistant and fire-proof, all while lasting up to 50 years. CertainTeed offers composite roof materials that are backed by a 50 year warranty, as well as an Energy Star certification.

  • Cost: $2-3 per square foot
  • Life: 20 years

Clay: Most typically seen in the southern United States, clay tiles will give your home a Spanish-styled appearance. These tiles are extremely durable and water, insect, rot and fire resistant. However, clay is similar to slate in that it is very heavy and requires more support in your home’s structure.

  • Cost: $15-20 per square foot
  • Life: 50-100 years

Metal: A metal roof provides your home with the best possible protection from the elements, superior even to slate and clay. In fact they are so durable, some insurance companies provide discounts of up to 35% for those with metal roofs. Opting for a textured material protects your home even more, because minor hail dents are less visible. Additionally, metal roofs are energy efficient, blocking the sun’s energy while keeping the AC or heat inside the home.

  • Cost: $10-22 per square foot
  • Life: 50 years minimum

Concrete: Concrete is always worth considering because it can be manufactured to mimic any other roofing material and will fit any style home. They are durable and resistant to the elements, and they repel water so that rot and fungus growth is unlikely. However, it can weigh down the house, so extra support in the structure is once again required.

  • Cost: $10-15 per square foot
  • Life: 30-50 years

Fiber Cement: Made of cement and reinforced with a fiber-like cardboard, fiber cement takes on the appearance of clay, slate or wood tiles and will work on any house design. Moisture-resistant, fiber cement helps prevent mold and mildew as well as insects. However, this roofing material is often prone to cracking, softening and discoloring.

  • Cost: $2-3 per square foot
  • Life: 25 years on average

Living Roofs: A new trend among homeowners and commercial properties, living roofs feature live plants growing on the entire roof or just a section of it. Its benefits are plentiful, ranging from better home insulation, reduced water run-off, increased savings on utility bills and reducing the urban heat island effect. However, green roofs require a large, flat surface, as sloped and slanted roofs cannot handle the weight.

  • Cost: $13 per square foot for small plants; $45 per square foot for bushes
  • Life: 25 years

Fiderio & Sons would be happy to help you in any of your roofing or home improvement needs! Visit our showroom in Meriden and be sure to fill out our online form for a FREE consultation!

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