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Custom Built Decks in CT

By bluecorona Feb 14, 2014

Custom built decks in CT provide additional outdoor living space for whatever you need.  Decks are one of the most fun additions because you can be as creative as you want. Porches and patios have a similar function, but there are some defining characteristics of each:

What is the difference between decks, patios and porches ct?

Decks in Connecticut: The photo above is a deck by Trex. Decks are usually more spacious than porches. They are slightly elevated, and can include several levels.  Decks are highly customizable and can serve many purposes, from lounging to entertaining.  Custom built decks in CT are usually located in the back yard and used for recreational purposes. Custom decks are designed to create a functional space that allows you to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Porches CT: Porches are covered areas around the entrance of a home. Porches vary in size. Large porches can wrap around a home and include seating areas. Small porches may simply serve as a shelter over the entry door.  Porches do not have walls, but sometimes screens.  Porches are usually located on the front side of a home.

Patios: Patios are similar to decks, but they are built directly on the ground, usually with a concrete foundation. Decks are built off the ground and require some kind of support structure.

Design Tips for Custom Built Decks in CT

Deck Location: Since decks are typically used for recreation, they are usually located in back yards. Consider installing a fence for additional privacy. Decks can attach to your home, or stand alone. Most decks attach to a kitchen or living room. If you plan to use your deck for dining and entertaining, it should attach to the kitchen. Even if the deck itself is not located directly off of the kitchen, you can install steps, stairs or a path between the two. This will allow easy access to the fridge and bathroom.  Design the layout of your deck so that there aren’t obstacles between the entrance of your home and the main deck area.

Lighting: Trex offers an excellent selection of sleek, modern deck lighting, including post caplights, deck rail lights, recessed lights, and stair lights. We recommend built-in lighting on all steps and stairs. Lighted steps are a great safety feature, and they look good, too!

Furniture: If you plan to spend a lot of time outside on the deck with your family, or entertaining, you will need some type of seating, so why not get it built-in? Built-in bench seating creates a more sophisticated, unified look. It is also more convenient and easier to maintain.  Built-in bench seating is made from the same weather-resistant materials as the rest of the deck so you won’t have to worry about pulling furniture inside when it rains.  Trex, one of our favorite manufacturers of decking materials, offers built-in seating solutions and additional weather-resistant furniture.

Plan Around your Dining Table: The dimensions of your dining area should be significantly greater than the area of the dining table itself. Allocate space so that there is plenty of room to walk around the table and pull out chairs.

Extensions, bump outs, and multiple levels: Your deck does not have to be a perfect rectangle. You can include a bump-out area specifically for grilling and cooking.  You can also include an extension with a fire pit. Color variations of decking materials can help distinguish different functional areas of your deck. This helps break up the look of a large single-level deck.

Shading: Custom built decks in CT can be sunny, shaded, or partially shaded. Your CT home remodeling contractor will help you choose the best location for your deck based on your preference. For natural shade, situate your deck near a tree. If that is not an option, consider adding a pergola.  You can even spruce it up to add light at night! (Notice the post cap lights in the picture as well)

Designer Decks Connecticut ‘ Materials and Manufacturers.

High-performance Composite Decking may cost more than other options, but you pay for several benefits. Composite decking resists scratches, mold, staining, and fading. It has a rich color and a natural wood grain finish. Traditional composite decking is cheaper and it won’t rot or splinter, but it can fade and stain, it is prone to mold, and is easy to scratch.

Vinyl PVC Decking can also be on the pricey side, but it resists stains, scratches, and mold. One disadvantage is that is can be squeaky.

Wood decking is another affordable option, but it is the most ‘high maintenance.’ Prepare to paint, stain and seal it regularly, and know that even with the most diligent care, it will rot, split, warp, and fade. Wood is attractive, but it is not the best choice for decks in Connecticut. If you plan to have kids running around, beware of splinters.

Deck Remodeling CT often involes replacing wood decking with composite or vinyl. Trex is one of our favorite manufacturers of decking materials. The offer several lines, colors, and materials.

Railing or no Railing?

This decision may or may not be yours. Connecticut building codes require decks that are more than 30 inches off the ground to include railings that are at least 36 inches tall.  Your CT home remodeling contractor can advise you on building code requirements for decks in Connecticut. It is important to research building codes for deck remodeling CT because the code could have changed since the original build.

Additional Options for Designer Decks CT

Decks can include built-in seating, lighting, storage, fireplaces, grills, and even outdoor kitchens.  Depending on how you intend to use the deck, consider including electrical outlets. Deck additions and remodeling decks are favorite projects for Ct home remodeling contractors. Every person on the team at Fiderio & Sons would be delighted to help you plan a deck addition or remodel. (We have spring fever, too!) It may not be the best time to build, but planning ahead will give you time to decide exactly what you want. You actually don’t even need to wait until spring to visualize it. The deck visualizer from Trex allows you to experiment with different color combinations for deck remodeling CT. You can also plan the dimensions, layout, and design for custom built decks in ct. See our portfolio for inspiration, and remember to be creative. Make the deck whatever you want it to be!

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