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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gutter System

By Blue Corona Dev Sep 23, 2013

If you read our previous post about gutters, you know how important they are to protecting your home. Without gutters, rainwater can cause damage to your home’s foundation, flooding or leaking in your basement, or rotting interior walls. Replacement gutters may not seem all that important, but they are critical to ensuring your home is not at risk for future damage, especially right before the cold winter months. If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your gutters and are in the process of selecting a gutter system for your home, the following post will give you information on what factors you should consider when choosing a gutter system.

  • Look for a durable gutter system.Durability is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right gutter system for your home. Gutters should not only protect your home from water damage, but they should also be able to last a long time. Depending on where you live, gutters will be exposed to constantly changing weather conditions, and should be able to withstand even the harshest conditions.The GutterShutter system for example, is made with 0.032? thick aluminum, the strongest application used for a residential application. The method of attachment is the most important part of any gutter system, and the GutterShutter system attaches to the home using a unique, patent pending GutterStud, the heart of the system. Unlike typical systems that use an inexpensive plastic or glass filled polypropylene bracket, the GutterStud is made mostly from a virgin nylon material which will not shift due to material breakdown because of weather conditions and is applied to the fascia using only two 3? galvanized screws, no nails or rivets, spaced every 24? on the board in a vertical fashion, ensuring permanent attachment to the home.
  •  Choose a system that will match your home’s exterior.The best gutter systems not only protect a home, but also look nice as well. Homeowners do not have to settle on one color that does not blend nicely with their home. Choose a gutter system that has multiple color options and will complement the exterior of your home.The GutterShutter system comes in 14 different colors that are sure to complement any home. Not only can you choose which color you like best, you can customize the downspout color and the trough and hood system. You can choose to have them be the same or different colors, whatever your preference may be.
  • Select the right companyThe company you choose to install your gutters is just as important as the gutters themselves! Poor installation will lead to costly repairs and damage to your home. You’ll want to choose a company that is knowledgeable and customer friendly. A good company will typically offer free in home estimates to assess your home.Fiderio & Sons builds and installs seamless aluminum and copper gutter systems for Connecticut homes that are designed to handle the heaviest rainfall, safely and efficiently. The gutters are seamless so there is no chance for leaks or splits. They are mounted securely to your home to avoid gaps, and install wide downspouts to help keep water flowing freely. Each gutter system installed is designed specifically for your home and your roofing system.

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