How to Remodel Your Home to Make Room for a Nursery

By fiderioandsons Oct 21, 2015

Is it time to make room in your home for a nursery? First, this will be a huge incentive to go through your house, declutter your space and baby proof every room. Get rid of all the unnecessary items that were clogging up your space and sell them to make a little extra cash because diapers can be pricey. After that is taken care of, you are ready to get prepping for your baby remodel. Whether you have an extra room or don’t have a ton of space, there are many creative ways to get ready for your newest family addition.

Extra Room

Turn that old guest room into a nursery with all the bells and whistles for you and your baby. Knowing what essentials you’ll need will help to figure out how you are going to position it all in the room.

  • Cradle, Crib or Bassinet and bedding to match
  • Changing station and of course a disposal area
  • Alert monitors like baby monitors, smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  • Clothing, toys and supplies storage

There are so many more things you’ll need and add but those are the bare essentials. Before, all the furniture goes in you’ll want to consider repainting. Try choosing soft and tranquil colors rather than bright colors that can be too intense for a little one’s eyes and emotions. This is their first time seeing everything, so help them understand how it all works by having soft plush toys, animals on the wall, and something that can make noise to let your baby experience all their senses. Put the alphabet or numbers on the ceiling above their crib for a fun way to get your baby learning early. Additionally, a closet in the room may not cut it for all the storage you’ll need. Try buying a crib with built-in drawers and adding shelves to the extra wall space.

Make sure to keep room for a changing station and disposal area but more importantly, make space for you. Add a rocking chair into the room so you can watch your baby grow and enjoy time together as you hold your child in your arms. Rocking chairs can be relaxing and the motion will help a baby fall asleep. They can be just as relaxing for the parent too. Babies can be hard work with long hours so having a spot where you can sit and relax while still being near your little one is a good investment. Those are just some tips to get your extra room ready for your baby but make sure to do some research and get advice from family and friend’s to be fully prepared.

Share a Room

Just because you have a smaller living space doesn’t mean you can’t still give your baby all the love and space it  needs. As said before, go through your home and get rid of the things you do not need. There are creative ways to maximize your space and have a beautiful nursery. Start by reorganizing your room and shuffling around the furniture to create a section in the room for the nursery. Clean out your drawers and closet to make for your baby’s clothes and supplies. Also, you do not have to totally repaint your room with baby colors but if you do want a new paint job, try painting one wall a different color and add a striped carpet on the floor. This will make the room look bigger and add some style you and the baby can enjoy.

Invest in a sleeping area because the baby should not sleep in your bed. It’s just unpredictable what could happen while you’re asleep, you could roll over on the child or the child could fall off the bed and get seriously injured. It’s better to have a separate sleeping space.  Adding a smaller or crib in the corner will do the trick. Next, a good creative decorating hack, is to buy a little dresser that doesn t have to take a lot of space and use that for storage as well as a changing station. You can add a cushioned pad to the top and have the best of both worlds but make sure the cushion is applied tightly because babies can be squirmy. Also, if you need extra space for toys and baby supplies, invest in one of those shoe racks that go over the door that you can use for your shoes and baby stuff. Lastly, take advantage of your wall space. Putting shelves and hooks on the wall can maximize your space and adding artwork you both like can add style. There are some beautiful nature decals like flowers, trees and birds that stylishly can add some nature to your room.

Fiderio & Sons | CT Home Remodeling

Don’t get stressed out about remodeling your home for your newborn. Enjoy the gift the world has given you and take comfort in knowing there are so many ways to prep yourself and your living space. Check out how we can help your remodel and save some money as you get ready for the new chapter in your life.

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