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How to Take Care of Your Connecticut Deck

By Blue Corona Dev Jul 22, 2015

At one point in time decks were a novelty, but now they are quite popular, especially in Connecticut. This is likely due to the advancements in creating better wood treatments, which help to make wood more durable. Your deck can be subjected to discoloration and splintering after a few months, so many homeowners have their own set schedule for deck maintenance. If you don’t adhere to a normal maintenance schedule, your deck will most likely fade, and the surface will get rougher, leading to more splinters. I don’t know about you folks, but there is little that I hate more than getting a splinter in my hand or foot. Continue reading to learn about what you need to do to keep your deck in its prime.

If You Have a New Deck, Seal It

If you want your deck to look good for years to come with minimal splintering, you should seal the deck as soon as you can following installation. Sealing your deck takes minimal effort, as you must first clean it and then apply the sealant. Sealing your deck will forestall repairs, helping to protect your investment, and allowing you to enjoy your deck without fear of splinters.

A Note About Deck Cleaners

You can purchase a deck cleaner with or without bleach. Either cleaner has the ability to remove surface and deep dirt. Non-bleach cleaners gently remove dirt, and they don’t damage the wood fibers or harm the wood’s natural color. Basically, the bleach-less cleaner is friendlier to the environment and your wood! Note: regardless of which cleaner you buy, read the label; manufacturers spend a lot of time with their products and know the best way to use them.

Recommended Yearly Maintenance for Connecticut Decks

It’s a good idea to develop a maintenance routine that will help you to protect your deck, preventing expensive repairs. Why not? After all, a deck is a great investment, and according to “Remodeling” magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report,” new decks can return about 80% of its initial investment. Following your annual preventative maintenance schedule, you should check your deck for loose boards and nails that are sticking out above the wood.

If you have the time, clean and reseal your deck. To properly clean your deck, you must remove any built-up dirt and moss. Of course, homeowners can perform any of these tasks over a weekend, but they often don’t get the same results as a professional. If you want to rest assured that you deck gets the best care, hire a deck professional, like Fiderio & Sons.

Fiderio & Sons | Connecticut Deck Builders

The advice provided within this blog post is only meant to serve as a general guideline. If you are genuinely interested, you should discuss specific maintenance tactics with us, as the best solution may vary from deck to deck.

If you notice any damage to your deck, home’s siding, or roof while you are working on your deck, feel free to contact us for a consultation!

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