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Therma Tru fiberglass door review


Entry door replacement is one of the most common remodeling projects. The appearance of the entry door is one of the main factors that influences someone's first impression of a home.    Having an aesthetically pleasing entry door is particularly important if you are trying to sell your home.  In a 2002, TNS conducted a survey, 'National Home Valuation Study,' in which 2,400 homebuyers were asked to guess the value of several different homes.  The results showed that people perceived homes with an enhanced entry as more valuable.  What is interesting is that the perceived increase in value was much more than the actual cost of the entry installation itself, specifically up to five times more.  These findings demonstrate the level of importance people place on having a warm, welcoming entry door.  According to the Cost vs. Value Report 2011-12 published in Remodeling Magazine, replacing an entry door is one of the most valuable remodeling projects in terms of yield on investment.



There are many features to consider when choosing an entry door.  The most basic is: steel, wood, or fiberglass?  We recommend fiberglass because it is as strong as steel, as attractive as wood, and a better insulator than both.  Wood doors can warp and rot, and are easily dented.  Steel doors are prone to scratches, rust and dents.  Fiberglass doors are durable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.  According to the 2012 Builder Brand Use Study conducted by Readex Research, Therma-Tru is the brand of choice for most builders.  We at Fiderio include ourselves in that group, for the following reasons:



AccuGrain technology makes Therma-Tru fiberglass entry doors indistinguishable from wood doors.  Therma-Tru doors come in a variety of styles to suit each person's taste.   Some can even be painted.



A door that achieves an energy star rating must insulate well and provide a complete seal.  Fiberglass doors insulate up to five times better than wood doors.  The R-value of a material measures its insulating properties.  Fiberglass doors from Therma Tru are installed with a polyurethane foam core( R-5.5 to R-6.5 per inch) which insulates much better than hardwood (R-0.71 per inch).  Another advantage of fiberglass is that it does not conduct heat, which minimizes the exchange of heat between the two sides of the door, and in the winter, your door will be warm to the touch.  



Many people think of steel doors as the most secure, but fiberglass doors often have interior steel frames that provide the same support.

The Locking System: a standard deadbolt engages at the strike plate.  A multi-point locking system provides increased security because it engages the frame at three points.  (This also helps keep the door square with the frame and maximizes the seal)

Strike Plates: Adjustable security strike plates from Therma Tru can withstand 3-4 times more force than standard strike plates.  For maximum security, we recommend The Smooth-Star entry doors.  They received the highest level possible in the industry's toughest forced entry test (Tested to ASTM F-476 Section 18 Grade 40 by independent lab, October 2005)



Your entry door should be an acoustic barrier.  The thickness of your door largely determines how well it blocks noise; however, glass components can diminish the door's performance as an acoustic barrier.  Therma-Tru Entry doors have triple-pane glass to reduce sound transmission.

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If you want to let some light come through your entry door, but you don't want people to be able to see inside, you have to consider the opacity of the glass you choose.  Textured glass lets light in without sacrificing your privacy.  Check the privacy rating of the glass on doors (0-10, 0 being transparent, and 10 being opaque.)  By this measurement system, a level 10 glass would not be completely opaque to visible light, but you could not make out any images looking through it.  These levels do not represent real scientific measures of opacity, but rather levels of privacy specifically for glass used on doors.  Therma Tru offers a variety of styles of textured glass with opacities ranging from 8-10.



A Therma-Tru Entry is more than just a door; it is a system.  The system includes everything from the weather-stripping to the hinges.  All of the components work together to ensure a complete seal between the door and the frame.

To further evidence the superior quality and performance of Therma-Tru Doors, we compiled a list of reviews from a variety of perspectives.





'Within the trade industry, Therma-Tru is proud to be known as the company that takes responsibility for the entire entryway system, not just the individual components that go into constructing a top-quality door. We engineer our doors to work together for ease of installation, unified aesthetic appeal and long-term durability. These study results show that builders truly appreciate the dedication we display every day in creating energy-efficient fiberglass and steel entry doors. Dave Randich



Consumers Digest magazine designated the Therma-Tru Classic-Craft line of energy-efficient entry door systems as a 'Best Buy' selection for the fiberglass entry doors category in the magazine's July/August 2011 issue:


'No other door that's in this price range replicates the look of a wood door better than the Classic-Craft series does.' Consumer Digest, 2011 provides a summary of the collections included: (

  • Classic-Craft' American Style Collection' ' Inspired by the Craftsman style of the early 1900s with a pure design.

  • Classic-Craft' Mahogany Collection' ' Rich, elegant look of real Mahogany wood with fiberglass performance.

  • Classic-Craft' Rustic Collection' ' American Southwestern and Tuscan-inspired style with lasting beauty and performance.

  • Classic-Craft' Oak Collection' ' Deep White Oak grain detail creates stunning curb appeal.

  • Classic-Craft' Canvas Collection' ' A sleek, modern entry designed for homeowners   seeking a custom-wood-like door with a smooth surface suitable for painting.



Expert Review: Therma Tru Fiberglass Classic Craft Oak Door Ranked #1 Exterior Door (Rating 5/5) by Kerri Ryan, real estate developer



Builder Magazine 1998-2013: Therma-Tru ranked first for 'brand used most' in the entry door category


Builder Magazine 1998-2013: Therma-Tru ranked first for 'brand used in past two years' in the entry door category


tru review: therma tru doors reviews



Remodel Magazine 2010, 2013: Therma-Tru ranked first for 'brand used most' in the entry door category


Remodel Magazine 2010, 2013: Therma-Tru ranked first for 'brand in past two years' in the entry door category


The Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection was featured in Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler's 2010 '101 Best New Remodeling and Home Building Products.'


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Re: Has Anyone Used Thermatru Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

Use them with great success.

Have 5 Thermatru's in my house, with wood jambs.

I live two blocks from the ocean and we get 70"-80" of rain per year.
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Re: Has Anyone Used Thermatru Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

Just installed 4 therma-tru fiberglass units with pvc brick mould, PVC jambs, and composite sills. If installed with thermatru parts, then they have the "tru-defense warranty" which was a great selling point. These doors were installed right on the coast, so we went with outswing doors with the multi-point locking system to provide a dp-80. They also offer rain guards and rain deflectors. Been very happy so far. Check out Provia, they make a great door as well, just more expensive.
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Re: Has Anyone Used Thermatru Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

I love them, with Frame Save jambs. They look great stained too.
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Re: Has Anyone Used Thermatru Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

How does a fiberglass door "swell up"?
I have bought and installed a few of the fiberglass units and was happy with them. I like the fact that they will never rust. That seems to be the biggest problem with most metal doors.



Therma Tru supplies Masonite Doors: The Masonite Corporation was awarded with the 2010 Best in Class award for exterior doors.  (LBM Research Institute)



New doors can add both safety and value to your home, and reduce your energy costs.  We recommend Therma Tru Entry Doors for many reasons: they are durable, energy efficient and offer some of the best safety features.  The Therma Tru website has features that enable you to design your door, and our portfolio includes examples of replacement entry doors we have installed.  Please contact us if you have questions about your options for entry doors, or if you would like to visit our showroom in Meriden to see more of our samples and work with our designers to configure a door that suits your needs and your taste.  

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