Your bathroom is supposed to a place of zen and relaxation, but it can torturous in the winter. When the temperatures outside take a dive, your bathroom should raise - not drop - your body temperature. Here are a few methods, ranging from quick do-it-yourself projects to full home renovations, that can help make your bathroom feel cozier and warmer during the winter.

Heat-Retaining Tubs

Tubs that retain heat make all the difference in the winter. Materials such as brass, copper and soapstone are perfect for retaining heat and keeping your bathwater warm.

Supplemental Heater

Mounting a supplemental heater to the wall or ceiling provides a warm functioning atmosphere. Today's heaters are more efficient than the products of old, and items such as the Econo-Heat is an inexpensive option that's easy to install and delivers heat when you need it.

Steam Showers & Saunas

After a long day in the cold, nothing feels better than treating yourself to a lovely steam shower in your CT dream bathroom. This experience can be brought into your home, but it comes at a lofty cost: steam-generating systems go for around $2,500 plus the expenses for re-tiling. It's highly recommended to hire professional help because electrical and plumbing work is also involved. But once you have it installed, you won't be able to live without it.

Adding a Fireplace

Having a fireplace might sound like extreme luxury, but it's almost a necessity for your CT dream bathroom. It's warm, efficient and aesthetically pleasing and the perfect way to get over bleak, cold day.