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Roofing Tips

By Blue Corona Dev Jan 23, 2013

What to Expect When Inspecting: Roofing Tips

Answering the question “What will the cost of a new roof be” isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, the cost of a new roof is one of the widest ranging projects home owners can take on. Depending on a variety of factors including: skylights, chimneys, steepness, size, materials, type of home, and location, the price can begin to add up. So how will you know when to call in the professionals? You’ll have to put on your contractor hat and do some light inspecting with the help of these CT roofing tips!

Even Roofs Have Enemies– The sun, rain, snow and ice, condensation, moss and algae, trees and leaves, and many other variables can negatively affect the health of your roof. The average roof is said to have a lifespan of 20 years but due to these conditions, sometimes maintenance is required to keep your roof safe for your home.

Grab a Pair of Binoculars– We know how difficult it can be to inspect your roof, and we don’t expect you to grab a ladder to get a bird’s eye view, but there is a safer and easier way for you to get a first hand look from the ground. We suggest you grab a pair of binoculars, and from a safe vantage point, make a thorough inspection of your roof. Make sure you look for any signs of damage including: sagging, dark spots, trails, signs of water damage, moss or algae, damaged or missing shingles, and protruding fasteners (likes nails, screws etc).

Grab a Flashlight– Looking at your roof from the outside isn’t the only way to check if your roof needs to be replaced. Grab a flashlight and head to the attic. Make sure you look for any signs of leaking or water spots because these are the most common signs of a damaged roof. If you do see any damage make sure you call a licensed contractor right away to prevent damage progression.

When Worst comes to Worst– Natural disasters and extreme weather can speed up the process when it comes to needing a new roof, and sometimes the unthinkable can happen. If you find yourself water-logged and distressed when disaster hits there are some temporary remedies for you to use while you wait for a licensed contractor. Set up small buckets under leaky areas to minimize water damage to the interior of your home. Heavy plastic sheeting can cover up outside, damaged areas of your roof to help prevent further damage. However by no means are either of these fixes permanent solutions to roof repair problems, but they are great roofing tips when you are in a pinch!

The Ground is Your Friend– Sometimes when applying these quick fixes you can find yourself in a dangerous position that in retrospect, may have been avoided. Leave the roof-walking to the professionals. Although climbing up to the roof may seem like a good idea at that time, you could actually damage your roof more by dislodging the protective surface granules, or diminishing your shingles waterproofing effectiveness. Not to mention the fact that you could fall through a weak or damaged part of your roof creating a dangerous situation for your well-being.

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