Sunroom Designs and Themes for a Cozy CT Addition

By fiderioandsons Jul 17, 2013

Sunrooms are an excellent choice when looking to expand and remodel your home as they offer a variety of benefits and are enjoyable all year long. There are a variety of options you have with a new sunroom as well. Should you use it as a workout room? Or simply a place for extra storage? Sunrooms have been used for a variety of purposes, which we outline below with some extra inspiring ideas!

Entertainment Zone: If a male significant other is a little hesitant to build an addition and in need of some convincing, suggest an entertainment zone. If the sunroom is protected from the elements, meaning it is an extension of the home’s original materials rather than aluminum screening, you can easily furnish it with stereos, themed lamps and flat screen TVs. This type of d’cor ensures that the sunroom will be used throughout all hours and seasons, as the appliances will draw your family and guests into the room. A simple center table would also work as a focus for the room as well as a convenient serving table for small snacks.

Extensions: Having trouble coming up with a design theme for your sunroom? Simply match everything to your current home d’cor, but change things up a bit by planning floor-to-ceiling windows so that natural light floods in. This design breaks barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces and makes a cozy reading nook or great gathering space.

Daybed Corner: Corners are often forgotten when designing a floor plan, as many prefer to shove a couch or dining set there. Be different and install a unique daybed with a small ottoman as a side table. Daybeds are especially effective in smaller sunrooms and additions as they can double as storage units with the top lifting up just as a chest might do.

Distinct Regions: This design is best for additions that are long and narrow. Instead of having a chaotic assortment of furniture in small spaces and no large open area, divide the space into two parts, each with a different purpose. For instance, create one area with a small dining set great for tea or small meals, and put a couch or papasan chairs on the other side. This gives the illusion that the sunroom is larger than it actually is since it accommodates two living areas rather than one.

Maximize the Outdoors: If you’re planning on building a sunroom or addition that looks out over a breathtaking view, it’s a great idea to make that the focal point of the room. Choose small furniture pieces with simple or pale colors and keep the random room d’cor to a minimum. This allows you to enjoy the sunlight in a simple setting, yet also gives you a dramatic viewpoint with little distractions.

Furniture Overflow: If you live in a climate that supports a year-round sunroom or have the means to store outdoor furniture during the winter, consider matching patio furniture to your sunroom d’cor. With giant windows that allow the eye to see the entire patio, the sunroom will look double its size. When hosting a summer BBQ or intimate dinner, this design creates a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor entertainment.

With all of these inspiring design plans, you probably have an idea or two of what your new sunroom or addition would look like. But now the question is, how do you decorate it? What color scheme should you use and what theme should you aim to create? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Inside-Out: Give your sunroom all the elements of the outdoors without the pesky insects, humid heat or nighttime chill. Use brick or exterior shingles for the walls and a slate floor gives the appearance of a concrete deck. White molding around the windows and a lack of window treatments allow natural light into the room while maintaining the appearance of an exterior building. Furnish the sunroom with a patio set and top it off with pops of color like turquoise or a patterned rug. Don’t forget potted plants to add to the theme even further!

Sun & Sand: Probably the most popular theme for a sunroom, creating a beach-themed room is always a fun and creative adventure. Use soft, relaxing paint colors like light blue or neutrals to create a costal feel. To accentuate the look, pair breezy white curtains wall-to-wall windows and white wicker furniture. Choosing d’cor is the fun part, as you can create many do-it-yourself table decorations and purchase funny decoration signs to hang around the room.

Cottage Style: A sunroom with this theme is best suited for older houses typically seen in the Northeast, as it meshes well with the rest of the home and doesn’t overpower it. Use many different colors in a cottage sunroom, such as green, pink and yellow with and mix in some corresponding patterns. Another option is to purchase a pure white or soft-colored couch and center it around a darker wooden table.

Fiderio & Sons would be proud to answer any of your questions about a new sunroom or addition for your home! Visit our showroom in Meriden or click below to download our FREE Sunroom Planning Guide!

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