Unfortunately, not all home improvement companies will provide you with the professional installation that Fiderio & Sons does for you. However, we can still help you out! Read about these signs of poor window and door installation and give us a call, so we can fix it for you.

Signs of Poor CT Window Installation

Sashes are too small for the frame. Inevitably, this could lead to air and moisture leaking into your home.

Evidence of leaks. In certain cases, moisture enters and gets trapped. Scan the outline of your door and look for mildew and mold, specifically. This factor results in water damage, mildew, and mold.

No Warranty. For many window manufacturers, warranties do not cover installation. This is not a direct indicator of poor installation, but it is a factor all homeowners must pay attention to before ordering ct replacement windows. Essentially, any damage a window experiences from installation won’t be covered, requiring, instead, the homeowner to foot the bill.

The manufacturer’s procedure wasn’t followed. Every ct window product comes with procedures, which a contractor must follow during installation. If these steps are not followed, the result may be that your windows don’t function up to par. Unfortunately, most ct homeowners using a third-party contractor aren’t aware of this factor, and as a result, may never know if proper installation procedures were followed.

Signs of Poor CT Entry Door Installation

Air Leaks: The first sign that your door was not installed properly is if there are major air leaks around the door. Heat is not usually lost through the middle of the door but in the air leaks around it and can happen even with properly installed doors. However, with a good door installation these air leaks can be stopped or reduced with weather-stripping. When a door is not installed properly it is likely that even with weather-stripping there will be noticeable air leaks.

Your Door Sticks: Are you having difficulty opening and closing your door? Well, this is commonly referred to as “sticking.” Sticking may be caused swelling, if the door has been hung slightly crooked, or if it happens to be a replacement door ct that is too small for the frame. This problem does not necessarily affect the energy efficiency of your door, but it can still be a problem.

Cracks In The Doorframe/Wall: This mostly applies to pre-hung doors. Pre-hung doors come packaged within their frames. The job of the installer is to set them in the wall and seal the cracks to prevent drafts and airflow. If the pre-hung door installation was not performed correctly, cracks may develop between the doorframe and the wall. These cracks will be easy to see but can cause drafts and air leaks. You can fix this either with caulking or by resetting the plaster to fit the size of the new door. Regardless, it most likely will not be necessary to completely replace the door for another.

Fiderio & Sons

New ct replacement entry doors can add both safety and value to your home, and reduce your energy costs.  We recommend Therma Tru Entry Doors for many reasons: they are durable, energy efficient and offer some of the best safety features.  The Therma Tru website has features that enable you to design your door, and our portfolio includes examples of replacement entry doors we have installed.  Please contact us if you have questions about your options for entry doors, or if you would like to visit our showroom in Meriden to see more of our samples and work with our designers to configure a door that suits your needs and your taste.