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What Are the Benefits of Adding a CT Porch to Your Home?

By Blue Corona Dev Aug 18, 2014

The front facade of your CT home presents the first impression to visitors and neighbors and is also the first thing you and your family see returning home from work, school or play. The front entrance of your home is a great place to make improvements in order to increase curb appeal. Check out these seven reasons, explaining why adding a porch is a beneficial financial investment for CT homeowners.

Expanded Living Space

Country porches provide expanded living space and the opportunity to enjoy the fresh outdoor air. A spacious porch not only gives you more room to relax with your family and entertain friends and neighbors, it also creates a dramatic new look for your home.


A CT porch is an ideal place for storing coats and various pairs of shoes. It prevents unnecessary clutter in the rest of the house and leaves the items you need for going out right by the front door. Why not try putting a small bench in the porch for the children to sit down to tie their laces? A porch can simplify your morning routine and help to keep the rest of the house organized.

A Cleaner Home

If you follow our advice and store your shoes in the porch, you will also avoid bringing mud into the hallway. This is obviously a great advantage, because the less mess, the less mopping and hovering that needs to be done. If you have light color carpets in your home, a porch will become your new best friend.

Porch Enclosures: Protection From Outdoor Elements

The front hall/foyer of any home is often a dusty and dirty space. That’s because water, leaves and other debris tend to fly into our homes whenever we open the front door. But with a porch enclosure, you can leave the elements outside where they belong. That’s because these enclosures act as a buffer between your home’s interior and the dirty bits that are lurking outside.

Keep the Heat In

On cold winter days, you’ll definitely have your heater on full blast. But your bills can get pretty high if some of that heat is seeping out your front door. Porch enclosures allow your home to retain its heat by creating an extra barrier between your front foyer and the outdoors.

Natural Lighting

With the near-outdoor location of a porch, you can enjoy an increased amount of natural lighting. Even so, you might determine that you’d enjoy even more natural lighting with the installation of skylights in the porch roof. The skylights work effectively by allowing natural light to flood the porch for a heightened outdoor experience.

High ROI

Making a renovation to your home can be stressful, both on your mind and your bank account. So, when considering a major home improvement project, it’s important to consider what will yield the greatest return on investment, or ROI.  Some improvements offer a greater return than others.

Does a porch add value to your home? Will you make money back during resale? The answer to both questions is yes! If you add usable, liveable space to a home, you add value.

The key is to keep your improvements in line with the values of your neighborhood. If you add a $20,000 redwood deck to your home, you can’t expect a buyer to pay $20,000 more for your home when they can buy a comparable home with a regular deck for a fraction of the cost. You want to keep up with the ‘Smiths’, but not outdo them.

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