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What Are the Benefits of Adding a Three Season Sunroom to Your CT Home?

By bluecorona Mar 31, 2015

Three season sunroom additions have been gaining popularity in the remodeling industry throughout the last several years, and are becoming the family’s favorite hangout spot in the home.

It’s likely that you have heard of four season porches (sunrooms), which are fully insulated and normally have heating and air conditioning. Three season sunrooms are a bit different, in that they are not insulated nor do they have heat and air conditioning. However, the lack of heating options makes them less expensive to build and maintain. They are built for the express purpose of extending use during the year and can also be great during inclement weather and chilly days.

What’s the Main Difference Between Three Season Sunrooms and Year Round Sunrooms?

The three season sunroom is the basic sunroom. The room is generally usable for all seasons except winter, which is why it is named and marketed as a “three season” option. As opposed to a four-season sunroom, the three season is NOT connected to the home’s heating and air conditioning system. The benefit of this is lower costs for construction, like no insulation, cheaper uninsulated windows, and an overall more basic approach to framing. Some manufacturers actually sell do-it-yourself kits for three season sunrooms.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Three Season Sunroom to Your CT Home?

Additional Space & the Perception of Space

Sunrooms add more space to your home. Typically, most homeowners fill this space with sets of patio furniture, so they have the option to enjoy the room. Think about the possibilities! You could sit back and read a book (or swipe through your phone) while warm rays of sun carress your crossed legs; you could hold meaningful conversations with your significant other over drinks while watching the sunset or your kids play. The possibilities are endless. It is not meant for storage. Also, since sunrooms are open rooms with largewindows, they can help create the perception that you have more space in your home.

Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Sunlight

Additional space and added home value are important benefits that come from a sunroom addition, but there are other benefits that are more personal and harder to evaluate in terms of dollars and cents.  A sunroom allows you to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of natural sunlight throughout the entire year.  The sense of comfort and relaxation that come with a sunroom are also excellent for reducing stress. When a sunroom is used as a gathering place for the family it enhances togetherness and family relationships.  If you love plants then a sunroom is a great way to grow and enjoy plant life all year long.  In the end, the benefits of adding a sunroom can be measured in dollars as well as peace of mind and comfort.

Sunrooms Can Add Value to a Home

It has been proven that CT home’s with sunrooms attract more potential buyers, and for good reason too. People truly enjoy having a great place for relaxation while not being directly exposed to the sun’s heat. Sunrooms are a natural selling point for homes, as people will love to have a venue for their relaxation pursuits while staying at home. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report 2013, a new sunroom can give homeowners an average of a 46.5% return on investment. Modern sunrooms can be extremely energy efficient. Sunrooms capture the light and warmth of the sun, providing natural light instead of electric lighting.

Fiderio & Sons | CT Sunroom

Your selection of sunroom windows in Connecticut should be based on how you intend to use your sunroom, how you feel about the climate, the side of your house on which the sunroom is located, and the time of year you intend to use it most. There are many types of CT windows, and each offers certain advantages.  The most common types of sunroom windows are casement windows, awning windows, double-hung windows, picture windows, bay and bow windows, and slider windows.  For more information on types of replacement windows CT, see our infographic.

Fiderio & Sons would be proud to answer any of your questions about a new sunroom or addition for your home! Visit our showroom in Meriden or click below to download our FREE Sunroom Planning Guide!

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