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What Do I Need to Know Before a Basement Remodel?

By Blue Corona Dev Aug 4, 2014

When you need more living space, by-pass the attic, forget the backyard, and turn to the basement.. That space that you are most likely using primarily for storage is prime remodeling territory. For many homeowners, it’s the best-kept secret in space expansion. Basement remodeling could transform this space into an entertainment area with a kitchenette, a wet bar, comfortable couches and chairs and a big-screen TV; an extra bedroom and bathroom; a crafts area; or a kid’s playroom. With the help of an experienced contractor, you can explore an array of possibilities to fit your needs.

Check the Height

If basements aren’t built purposely as living spaces, chances are they have a low ceiling height, or low-hanging ductwork, wiring and piping. One option is to dig down, which means pouring new footings below your existing ones. Otherwise, relocate the ductwork or waste piping into inconspicuous places such as closets. There are many ways to remove ductwork, gas and water piping and other mechanical components from view by reinstalling them into the floor joists above. Even beams can be flush-framed into the floor system.

Stop the Water

Water control is a topic that we frequently discuss with our customers. The best control is simple prevention. Keep the outside water outside!! Proper grading is number one. All grading around the perimeter of the house should direct water away from the house.

Grading should be below the foundation level and window wells. Down spouts should be properly extended away from the house. A minimum of five feet is recommended. Keep the window well drains clean and free of debris. If there is any question as to proper operation, test with a garden hose.

If you have any moisture or water coming in through the foundation or slab, do not finish that part of the basement until the source is found and fixed. Covering up a problem will just mean soggy, moldy insulation and sheetrock in the future, along with ruined flooring. Don’t risk it.


Maximize window areas within the finished space for maximum daylight and fresh air. Also, do not forget most building codes require every room to have two ways to exit. Keep the floor plan open (if possible). An open floor plan helps to make the remodeled basement brighter, and will lower your overall project costs.

Look Ahead

Don’t finish your basement without thinking about future projects. Because the basement is the haert of most homes’ mechanical systems, you likely will need to get back in there to do major woork on your main floor, or for an addition.

If you are planning on a kitchen remodel down the road, run a few extra electrical circuits into the floor system. Essentially, there is nothing worse than having to remove and replace the work you have just put in to do a new project.

Decent ROI

Many basements in Connecticut are unfinished storage areas, but many homeowners are discovering that their basement can be repurposed. Remodeling the basement of an average home has a higher ROI than the same upgrade for a luxury home, likely because the extra finished space is more sorely needed in smaller homes. Consider converting your basement into a guest area, game room, gym, or home office.

Basement remodeling in ct can be fun because homeowners get the chance to be creative.  Think outside of the box, and please contact us to share your ideas and get our advice.  We have converted basements into offices, gamerooms, kitchenettes, movie rooms, and family rooms. Take a look at some of our completed projects.

An unfinished basement (or a basement that is damp, dark and dingy) is a waste of valuable space in your home. With the help of Fiderio & Sons, you can turn your basement into a bright, warm and comfortable space that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. All for less than you might expect. Get a free estimate on Connecticut home improvement services- Let Fiderio & Sons (your ct contractor) help turn the hopes and dreams you have for your home into a beautiful reality. Visit our Meriden showroom this week. Or call us today at (203) 237-0350 to schedule a FREE in-home design consultation.

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